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Business Development

Business Development is one of the core responsibilities of Botswana Education Hub. BEH builds partnerships to influence capacity building through negotiation of partnerships with strategic institutions and organizations particularly in niche areas.
Education Hub is a facilitating body, rather than a specific project organization with upfront capital investment and discrete cash flows that is owns. It facilitates partnerships and foreign direct investment through forums that will nurture discussions between local and foreign organizations.

Business Development sector has the following functions:

  • Development of new initiatives and start-ups
  • Development and management of partnerships and relationships
  • Management of BEH projects
  • Research and management of the education sector and make recommendations for policy changes for internationalization of education and training



With effective international marketing, BEH will attract foreign education suppliers to establish areas that are currently not well serviced in Botswana. This will have benefits both of a better skill range and because the competition will encourage more efficiency in current education institutions. These impacts will also be longer term.
BEH uses both in-coming and out-going education exploratory missions to attracts investors and partners in education, workshops in the SADC Region, International Trade Fairs and Botswana Missions across the world. READ MORE

























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