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Study in Botswana is a Botswana Education Hub sub-brand. The brand puts Botswana as a conducive educational destination that appeals to the international student. The brand sells Botswana’s unique experience and education to the learner.
Botswana offers a variety of learning opportunities, the competitiveness in the global education arena, the global acceptance of the qualifications that are attained within Botswana.
Botswana as the heart of Southern Africa is unique in its location in that access to the region is through well developed logistical infrastructure. Over and above the infrastructural developments that Botswana ofers, the ecological uniqueness position Botswana as a destination for research.
The Education Hub activities reduce the number of sponsored tertiary students studying externally, reduce the number of secondary students away or, in the case of children expatriates, staying away, attract inbound students from developed countries, and induce further investment and service contracts involving education and training providers, school and campus developers, development agencies and philanthropic agencies.

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